When Two R In Love

When Two R In Love



Your love is like the Nile:

            Vastly flowing,


            into my soul.

            Inducing such a tepid touch from you so tender…

            Reaching me deep within and embracing me and

            Unveiling me.

            Liquefying my emotions.

            But you…

            Omniscient with manly sensuality, ripen me in ecstasy;

            I am yours– totally.

            Wholeheartedly, I enter into a realm of happiness and wonder once forsaken,

            Now rendering an appreciation for immannent patience.


OGR- March 1994

About Onjeinika

An industrial engineer by education and a writer at heart. Mother to 3 children who have been known to cause mayhem. Wife of the man who tricked me into having the 3 said children. Servant of the Most High. I enjoy blogging, reading and dancing. Every day I strive to live life to its fullest. Reflecting God wherever I go.

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  1. You two are both a mess.  I was young when I wrote this, but it’s still one of my favorites.
  2. Ripen in ecstasy…why my virgin ears!  Reminds me of the time our mother wrote ‘you are 18 now, its time to do things thoroughly, slowly’ and so on and so forth.  Like mother, like daughter.  Good thing its close to closing time so I can rush on home…
  3. Hot dog! Girl you got me wanting to call up my man! hahahahahah! LOL! Beautiful – hope you recited that one to E!

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