On the fly

On the fly
Sunny Day
The sunshine is calling!
We’ve already been out today.
It’s time to fold laundry
But my children say let’s play!
They ate all their lunch.
That was something to see.
So I gave them each a treat:
Jolly Rancher jelly beans.
I stopped to check my email,
You know, since I work on the side.
But the sunshine is still calling.
Time to take a ride!
Maybe we’ll take the wagon out,
Or off to Walmart we’ll go.
I need some more flowers
To plant outside our door.
Nah, nah.  Wait a minute.
I know just what to do.
On a perfect day like this,
It’s bubbles for the crew!
We’ll wave those bubble wands
All over the backyard.
We’ll use up all the bubble juice
Oh the end will be so hard.
I’ll have to fight with super strength
As they kick and thrash about
I’ll sweat and scream and wrestle
To get them back inside the house.
And so you ask me, "Why?"
When I already know the deal.
Fun in the sun trumps hurt feelings,
And not much ice-cream won’t heal.Wink
©P.Brooks 4-10-2008

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An industrial engineer by education and a writer at heart. Mother to 3 children who have been known to cause mayhem. Wife of the man who tricked me into having the 3 said children. Servant of the Most High. I enjoy blogging, reading and dancing. Every day I strive to live life to its fullest. Reflecting God wherever I go.

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