It’s shameful that I choose to leave a trace of my naughty behavior.  But what can I expect.  It’s as late as it is and I’m not the least bit tired.  Why? Because we have been on this late schedule for probably a week now.  Kids included.  They are in their beds around 9:30pm and maybe 9:45.  Then up at 9am or 10am.  So this morning we all got busted when my friend called at 9:50am.  Not a creature was stirring.  I guess it’s alright though.  Eric goes back to work in a few hours and I have the pleasure of grocery shopping, washing three heads, folding laundry— basic baby and house minding while pining away for my blog.  So I might as well do it now.  I have so much to share.  Check you soon…

About Onjeinika

An industrial engineer by education and a writer at heart. Mother to 3 children who have been known to cause mayhem. Wife of the man who tricked me into having the 3 said children. Servant of the Most High. I enjoy blogging, reading and dancing. Every day I strive to live life to its fullest. Reflecting God wherever I go.

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