Another Realm

Another Realm

It was never my intention to put the real me out here for anyone to see.  Knowing too much would leave me open.  Vunerable to the world. So I shielded you from me and me from you.  But, then I contemplated going back and exposing it all, under an alias of course. Just to be free and not give a damn.  But I do.  And what would I gain playing you like that?  Possibly fame if lewd and dramatic enough.  But we already have that now don’t we?  Not my taste to be like everyone else.  Cuz, there are infinite ways to tell a story.  It is theraputic for me to write and well, I want you to know what I go through.  What happens.  What I think.  So I partially put my quirky self out there.  It may be a blessing to you, in some small way, or it maybe just something to read.  Or not.  When I’m dead, they can publish my real journals if  no one’s ashamed to say I was their kin.  Me, the real me… the one who cusses, and writes poems for his eyes only, and thinks just about anything about anyone and will say it —in my diary. The me who can’t believe how stupid the smart me can really be, and the me who is slow to forgive myself for mistakes I’ve made years ago…that me is more than anybody needs to know because I didn’t list even half of the crap about me!…that me is the me I so love because God didn’t make not one of us perfect.  So the other me says, give it time.  You will find a way to share without frightening them off.  As it is, I feel myself drawing nearer.

About Onjeinika

An industrial engineer by education and a writer at heart. Mother to 3 children who have been known to cause mayhem. Wife of the man who tricked me into having the 3 said children. Servant of the Most High. I enjoy blogging, reading and dancing. Every day I strive to live life to its fullest. Reflecting God wherever I go.

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  1. I blog under an alias. I do it because I learned that peopel can be so daggone critical of you and they hold on to stuff and throw it back in your face, even in the cyber world. I feel like some of my struggles will benefit others, so I blog because I can be free, no one knows who I am and I can say whatever is on my mind and not hold back, I can reveal the deepest darkest secrets and the hard lessons I had to learn in life. Nothing you don’t already know my dear sister, but the world may not be ready for it all.

    Take your time in making that decision.

  2. You do? Well, you learn something new everyday. I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful sister. You have a way to say things that always helps me out. When did you become so grown?

  3. Holding back or not, I think you have shared quite a bit of yourself with your readers. Tamika is so correct about the attitudes in the cyber world. It is all about what you can handle in terms of the feedback (be it criticisms or others confessions I guess). I’ve learned a lot by blogging with and without an alias. Let’s just say the greatest thing I’ve learned is that when I’m really emotional about a piece I’ve written; I will mark it private until I can read it the next day. Sometimes, I have been too emotional and just posted something without thinking of the positive or negative impact it may have on my readers. Thus, I simply follow the rule of “when in doubt don’t do” until tommorrow. A clear head helps me to decide what is worth allowing others to read or not. Yet, I know there will still be times when my emotions may lead me to share and in doing so; I have also been blessed by another’s comment (of thanks for helping me with this blog). So keep sharing and doing what makes you feel good. When it’s from the heart and can benefit others, then there’s nothing wrong with that type of openess. Keep up the good work!

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