A Sinful Delight

A Sinful Delight

Sometimes when I’ve not planned well or couldn’t get to the grocery store even though I really need something for dinner, I settle on breakfast.  I cook it up normally when I’m desperate and usually if we had weekend plans that kept us from our normal Saturday or Sunday morning  indulgence.  After making nighttime breakfast once or twice, hubby asked me to add it to my dinner repertoire.  Just because they love it so! Flipping hotcakes at night has gotten me out of a dinner jam or two, but on top of that, I don’t have to go through the normal pickiness about who’s not going to eat what and why.

I planned a breakfast supper last week and decided to top my pancakes with some wonderful apple butter sauce.  I had reserved the sauce from fresh steamed apples I’d made with Rotiserrie chicken, green beans and rolls on another night.  Oh, what a delight!  The apple butter sauce comes from butter, brown sugar and cinnamon used to season the apples while steaming.  My apples are alot like those at Boston Market, but their homemade and taste better.  Anyway, the leftover apple butter sauce ends up with bits of cooked apples and a yummy sweet taste that is just perfect for pancakes (and biscuits if you’re at the Brooks residence).  It was a dinner that left everyone patting their full tummies and smiling.

Do you have a dish or dessert that’s a sinful delight?

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  1. We do breakfast dinner’s all the time. I love it and so does the hubbie!

    The apple butter sounds delish!

  2. Oh BTW, your BIL ate the delicious treat you sent me home with. I never got a chance to know the sinful delight of the raspberry peach cobbler. All I know is I went to clear the sink and the top lid was in there, I threw the fridge door open to investigate and there was NO TRACE of the cobbler. He did not even leave a morsel behind.

  3. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. It was a nice lowfat treat. Next time I make a cobbler or something I’ll send you both some even though BIL doesn’t eat many sweets.

  4. We do this a lot too. It is a single mom tip that my mother passed down to me. She was often busy working, but whenever she could be home she always cooked dinner. Sometimes it was a breakfast dinner. We grew to love pancakes, bacon, eggs, and sharp cheese melted in the oven for biscuits with a lil maple syrup. The memory alone reminds me of waking up to the smell of bacon cooking on Sunday mornings. I thank my mom for passing this wonderful little dinner saving tip to me. In our house, we call it IHOP nite because it replaces those nites when we would crave breakfast food but I was too tired to cook. IHOP still comes in handy when needed, but it has been awhile since we went to what my daughter calls the “breakfast store.” LOL! I like this blog. Keep up the good work lady. You inspire me with all your changes. When I wrap my class, I am diving into the schedule change. I really can not do the late nites like I used to with my early morning kids. 🙂 Keep inspiring us with your beautiful words.

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