The First Day of Summer Camp

The First Day of Summer Camp

Yesterday was the first day of camp for my 4 and 5 year old girls.  Like normal, I overdid it on worrying and spent too much time prepping for the first day which flew by like lightning.  But…those are my babies.  It was supposed to be all three children, but Orion’s camp got canceled due to under enrollment.  Poor Orion was completely out of his element without his sisters there to help entertain him yesterday.  I felt sorry for him, but he didn’t complain about it alot.  He didn’t play much at the playground. There was a letter board amongst the playsets which I used to spell his name and he insisted that I spell Lauren’s and then Lainey’s name too.  My heart went out to him.  At home he only he was missing them. 

The girls had everything they needed and had no anxiety when I dropped them off.  I don’t even think they looked up when I left.  I was a tad concerned about Lauren since it is her first time being in a setting like this for more than 30 minutes.  I started her out last year with classes here or there to warm her up to the idea of being left alone.  Last year took some adjusting.  She was fine this time around.  I wasn’t sure if camp would meet the very critical Lainey’s expectations or if compared to preschool she’d think the day was too long. There are three hours for preschool but five hours of camp. I was pleasantly surprised when I picked them up.  Lauren was very excited to see me and they both seemed relaxed and comfortable with the staff.  No complaints.

On our way to the car Lainey started talking about how great  it was and never really stopped talking about it for the rest of the day.  Lauren had very little to say although she agreed it was fun.  At one point Lainey got quiet (after about an hour straight) and Lauren finally told me one aspect about her day that she enjoyed.  Then she popped her thumb back into her mouth and went on her way.  I was surprised because Lainey is the shy one and Lauren is more social.  But Lauren doesn’t really talk that much and Lainey could talk all day, if she’s comfortable with you.  They fascinate me. I keep trying to rise to the challenge of knowing their personalities and figuring them all out.  This is important to me.  I want to cater to their style and know ho w to raise them.

It wasn’t easy letting them go for that long for the first time.  All sorts of worries crept in my head but I was determined not to hold my children back due to my own fear. So I kept my cell phone extra loud and checked it often to be sure I hadn’t missed a call.  Orion and I stayed busy and I always felt as though I had lost or forgotten something because I was traveling so very light without the girls. But on an honest tip, I felt really good and looked forward to next week when I might have a minute of solitude from all three kids.  I was certainly more effecient and less stressed while I ran errons.  Even when we got home for lunch there was more ease about everything that needed attention.  Wow! I didn’t know it would be like that.  Now, it’s day two and I’m hoping all the good feelings continue.

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  1. Either I missed this or my pregnancy mush brain will not allow me to remember. I did not know the kids were going to camp. I am glad they enjoyed it and must call the girls to find out all the details.

    Glad you could feel a bit at ease and flow a bit easier. Everyone will benefit from this time of growth and development for the kids.

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