Give Him Praise

Give Him Praise

Well, it’s been too long for me.  I like to post at least once a week.  It’s okay though, cause I finished my last writing assignment for the writing course I’ve been taking and I submitted an article to a magazine.  Haven’t heard back yet, but I’m hopeful.  So while I’m waiting I just want to proclaim how good God is, in case you didn’t know!  He works miracles and simply keeps us on a daily basis and that’s a mighty good thing.  Join me in giving him some praise. 

The Lord has been so good to me.  I have new ideas brimming for articles and picture books.  Soon, I’ll be setting up a Mat&May store.  I’m just blessed with his promises.  On top of that, I’ve enjoyed three weeks of summer camp.  During two of the three all three children were there having fun while I had appointments with ease and wrote anytime I had to wait anywhere.  I’ve accomplished much.  Well, I’ll tell you this.  The plot for my first children’s story to be released under my company, Matrimony & Mayhem Books is underway.  And my editors, Lainey and Lauren say it is great!  That Lainey even checks in on my progress to see if I’m working hard enough.  What a team!

I picture myself typing away and researching in the library while my three children socialize and learn to follow instructions in school, come September.  I have to say. God is good…very, very good.  Do you have a testimony today? Holla at me.

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  1. Oh yes, God is good indeed. Here I am almost 37 weeks pregnant after much delay. But as you’ve blogged on Polly & Meek, delay is not denial.

    God is a mighty, mighty good God and I trust him completely. He WILL do what he said he’d do and he will bless us all abundantly.

  2. Amen ladies! He is so good and I can’t praise Him enough! I have come a mightly long way through many trials and still more trials, but I confess that today I still sing! Today, I shout that I am very happy to be walking with Him inspite of any imperfections. Many blessings and revelations continue to flow. I’m so thankful for many transistions. Keep writing Onjeinika! I enjoy reading. Hope to see you soon!

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