Goodbye July

Goodbye July

Summer always seems to fly by once the 4th comes and goes.  Now that camp, which a friend of mine likened to “Manna from Heaven,” is over we’ll be embarking on August soon.  School lists are posted and supplies are on sale in every discount store around.  Seeing all the paper, crayons, glue and scissors makes me as excited as it did when I was a girl.  Now I can share it with my lovelies. They can’t wait to shop!  Ooo, I hope Eric doesn’t call from Target today asking me what stuff they need.  He was eying watercolors in the sale paper yesterday.  I could fake amnesia, since I only glanced at Lainey’s list, but he’d just wing it.  True shop-a-holics learn this skill in the intro class, I think.

Still, there is a little hesitation in my soul about everybody leaving the house this fall.  It’s faint, but there all the same.  I’m holding back due to trepidation for them.  Two of them don’t seem to have much fear.  But the baby, well you know.  He’s my baby.  Part of me wants to shelter all of them from the world, even though I know they were born to become a part of it. They’re supposed to help make it better. But wanting them to be different than most of what’s practiced in the world is enough to drive any parent crazy.  I am no exception.

Although school starts in September here, August will forever be the end of summer for me.  In NC we’d go back as early as the second week in August.   Of course the college semester always starts next month; after five years of that I’m pretty much programmed. I’ll just have to take it in stride now, and not lament any more.  An early ending to our typical mayhem will prepare us sooner.  It is surely going to take order and lots of prayer to see us through the great transition ahead.  It’s as serious to me, as if I were going back to work in an office away from home. 

I’m looking forward to a great start.

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