Love Your Body

Love Your Body

Oh wow! We’re back from vacation and it was a blast. I’m so excited to blog tonight because I just ran across this article online that was just what I was thinking to blog to you all about. Pleae read it. It’s a great confidence booster about body images.

We spent the last part of our vacation at Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg. It was awesome! Great Wolf is an indoor waterpark with lots of outdoors activities and games, etc. for families. So after deciding to go swimsuit shopping for this trip I couldn’t believe I had let mainstream America mess me up like this. I’ve been hiding my beautiful curves under a modest (and ugly) short set of a swimsuit for 5 years. Yes, having one baby forced me from bikinis into coveralls.  Not because I’m modest, but because I thought I was fat.   I vowed to never take them off until I had lost all the weight.   I’m so glad I came to my senses.  As I tried on swimsuits prior to our vacation, I was awed by how beautiful motherhood had made my body.  Now after going to the waterpark and seeing all forms and sizes of other women who let it all hang out and some who tried to cover up I realized, that all that craziness comes from the media. There may have been 1% of women there with perfect bodies and maybe not even 1% maybe only 0.5%. Honest to God. the skinniest people where a few preteens.  And after seeing some nice jiggling bellies I realized what my friend meant when she said belly dancing requires a belly.  You actually need a little fat! I couldn’t believe it.   Get this, it wasn’t just the location of the waterpark either. The crowd was quite diverse. Besides, my family and I had just left the beach in NC where I witnessed just the same. 

Bodies are all different and what you wear depends on you. There were plenty bikinis and everything else on all ages and all walks of life. And I can’t leave out the men who were representing in full force with their guts  a-swingin’. Oh how TV and the internet has played a nasty trick on us! The people at the beach and waterpark seemed happy and confident.  Even if they weren’t as confident, they weren’t about to miss out on the fun of life because of their body images. I loved every minute of that!  Freedom to just be me.

I will forever be trying to eat right and enjoy fun exercise because I want to live a long, healthy life. But best believe I can now see myself in a whole new light. It’s as if all the images I’ve see since I was a girl have been a total lie. Well, I guess they pretty much were. So, I say go for the healthy approach to life and take good care of your body. Then, while you’re working on that, work those curves and flaunt it with attitude.  Love your body!

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