The Beginning

The Beginning

 Last week Orion and Lauren both cried when they couldn’t go to school and still had to wait while Lainey had all the fun in kindergarten. But no more!  They sung the “going to school song” today on the way to school.  Today was the first full day of preschool (which is only 3 hours).  No mommy and no daddy today, just them rolling with their respective teachers.  The kids didn’t miss us. I couldn’t believe it was actually our two little ones— excited and not afraid to go to preschool for the first time. 

Orion hated me leaving him at camp over the summer and I thought for sure I might have some issues with him today, but no.  He’s not quite 3 yet and is the youngest in his class, but he is ready.  Lauren fakes, shyness but really and truly is quite social.  She has a few worries about school like other children teasing her or being able to sing in front of the class; otherwise she had dreamed of this day for a year now.  Nothing awful happened at preschool so far and it probably won’t.  Yesterday she cried when it was time to go home. Today I wonder if she’ll spread eagle across the doorway so they can’t put her in the car.

I was without them for 2 whole hours today.  I took advantage of the time and went to Lainey’s classroom.  On back-to-school night I’d volunteered to do whatever her teachers needed help with in the class, while they handled the whole bunch of five-year-olds.  God bless ’em.  After what I saw today —wouldn’t want that job.  I don’t think I have the patience. If I have to turn to substitute teaching in a few years, it just may kill me.  Maybe I could start with grade 2.  Before I knew it school was over and it was time to leave. Lainey and I arrived at home with a full hour to spare before picking up the other two from their paradise.

So with everyone in school but me, it feels sort of  weird.  The kids keep asking me when am I going to go to class like daddy does.  I told them I didn’t know.  I am still considering taking another writing course this fall.  But school, it definitely is not.  Honestly, I’d love a masters in journalism, creative writing, English or whatever people who love to write get an advanced degree in.  But it’s just not the right time for me.  I need all my dependants in full time school before I zoom in closer on that goal. So for now it’ll be just a class here and there. More learning and honing of skills is a must.  I know that now after inquiring about contributing articles to various ezines and being asked for a resume and writing samples.  Hmm. Seems I better get to work.

And so it begins…

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