The Mommy Fairy

The Mommy Fairy

Surprising myself, I actually did know my password today and logged in on the first try.  I was a little worried after having taken some mental vacation or something like that from my beloved blog.  So, things have been a little bit crazy with the three kids in school and having parties and other happenings at the same time.  But I don’t care to complain too much.  I just want to be in your presence.

loving preschool

loving preschool

Last week Lauren lost her first tooth.  She was so excited, even though the new permanent tooth was, as she put it, “coming in hard.” And it was.  It hurt my poor little baby for more than a week.  You could actually see the tooth sticking up akwardly behind a few of the others.  She’s only 4 years old.  So I guess it’s true that if they teethe early, they lose teeth early.   The dentist says, my oldest child, Lainey’s mouth is that of a 6 1/2 year old, but she’s just 5.

Well, when Lauren pulled on the baby tooth and it finally came out she was estatic! We had to call Daddy immediately so she could tell him. Then she began her whole fantasy of what the tooth fairy would bring.  Okay, I know it’s seems sort of funny.  I don’t do Santa, but the tooth fairy is on and popping in here…or is she? I’ll explain in a minute.  We’ve done the money under the pillow for Lainey, as she’s lost 6 teeth in all so far. But some nights the “tooth fairy” has forgotten. 

Sometimes, Lainey wakes up the next morning sobbing and distraught because the tooth fairy didn’t come.  When I come to the realization that Eric and I have both forgotten, I tell her to calm down because I’m sure there’s some mistake.  That’s when I tell her to go wait for me in her room then I’ll come help.  It takes a second and then I grab the nearest few coins I can quietly find.  I enter her room and begin a mad search under covers, etc.  All the while the coins are concealed in my hand.  As I’m looking, I make Lainey look too and sooner or later the coins are found right beneath the bed or somewhere nearby.  Then we laugh and hug and I tell her she shouldn’t be such a wild sleeper, knocking the coins out all the time. It works like a charm. I always feel horrible afterwards, but relieved that it worked. I remind myself that that’s exactly why I don’t lie about Santa Claus.  So that’s how I deal with Lainey.  But, little Lauren; well she’s a totally different child.

I didn’t forget Lauren’s tooth fairy money, even though she had asked for a lollipop instead.  And let the record show, I’ve only forgotten Lainey’s money twice.  So anyhow, the tooth fairy gave Lauren the standard 75 cents for that first, precious, baby tooth and Lauren couldn’t wait to tell her preschool teacher that morning.  At school, the teacher asked if the tooth fairy actually came because she tells her kids that sometimes the tooth fairy gets really busy picking up teeth from kids all over the world and she doesn’t always make it that night.  According to her, the kids must keep putting it under there until she remembers, I mean until the tooth fairy comes for their tooth.  So once Lauren was out of earshot, her teacher and I had a good laugh about that.  I also shared my version of explanation when I forget.  Hey! Moms have to stick together. 

So over dinner, I retell this story to Eric and the kids so they will know that sometimes the tooth fairy can’t make it. I wink at E as I think smugly on my instant alibi.  Lauren listens quietly, then calmly says, “Well, you know what I think? I think there can be a Mommy fairy too.”  I did a double take, “Huh?”  I said. She repeated herself in a louder voice, “I said, I think there can be a Mommy fairy too. A tooth fairy and a Mommy fairy. Just incase the tooth fairy gets busy.”  She lifted her nose into the air and smiled at us. I raised an eyebrow, “Is that right?” I asked.  “Uh, huh.” she said, swinging her feet.  I said, “You hear that Eric? So is there a Daddy fairy too?”   “Yep,” said Lauren.  I chuckled, “Okay big girl. We hear you loud and clear.” 

I couldn’t believe it.  Lauren had just told us both— look ,I don’t care if the tooth fairy is or isn’t real — cause you already said there’s no Santa, no mermaids and I’ll never be able to fly like a bird.  So I don’t want to hear that “bleep” about the tooth fairy being busy when I lose a tooth and not giving me my due.  You and Daddy better do what you need to so that I wake up in the morning with a smile and yes… a few coins or a lollipop under my pillow. You dig?

So there you have it.  How ya like them apples?!  She’s four years old, people!  I don’t know how I’m expected to survive this kind of situation.  These kids are something else!

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