April Flowers Foreword

April Flowers Foreword

gardenThis is a story about forgiveness. Forgiving other people that hurt you is really hard but forgiving yourself is 100 million times harder. Does it make it easier to forgive someone if you don’t really know them or have a deep relationship with them? I think it does. Because you expect the people closest to you to understand, to know what’s okay and what’s not okay. And sometimes those people know and sometimes they don’t. At times they deliberately do things and they don’t care how it affects your life. Still letting go of how they hurt you is not always easy. It is true that you cannot erase your brain, so you may never forget what was done to you. But somehow you have to learn to say to the one that wronged you, “I will pardon you. I will let it go just because you deserve to be pardoned and I cannot grow with this heavy weight on my heart.” You must even say it while gazing in the mirror. And if you don’t appear as a child to your own self—if you don’t admit that you didn’t know what was right for yourself and that you are not perfect, that only God is perfect, then you will not enjoy a day of your life. And that would be a shame. I’m writing to help you release whatever is holding you down and find your way to God. Let Him heal you with a power so refreshing and amazing that you won’t believe the joy though you live it. This story is entitled April Flowers. April flowers after a harsh and dreadful winter. Beautiful, April flowers despite the snow covered ground and bone-chilling air. Spring returned and with flowers. Their colors…brilliant. What was once frosty and gray is lush and warm again. Rebirth and renewal are yours!


About Onjeinika

An industrial engineer by education and a writer at heart. Mother to 3 children who have been known to cause mayhem. Wife of the man who tricked me into having the 3 said children. Servant of the Most High. I enjoy blogging, reading and dancing. Every day I strive to live life to its fullest. Reflecting God wherever I go.

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  1. I like this and so need to remind myself of this often. It’s this whole theme that is woven into India Arie’s album Testimony: Love and Relationships. I play it daily to remind myself to forgive others, but most importantly to forgive myself for that is definitely millions of times harder. Keep up the great work lady.

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