Splendid Gray

Splendid Gray

Flabby belly and spread out hips

Juicy bottom with dimpled cheeks

So this is me—


No faking?

No hiding?


All grown up in womanly glory

Scars and lines that tell a story

Mirror image not quite right

Nothing here looks too tight

And there were times I’d not believe

The aging body that I see

Belongs to me

To me…


No longer repulsed

I stop and…

Look at the Splendid Gray

Growing older everyday

And wiser (at times)

And happier (with life)

More beautiful and blessed



©P.Brooks 2010

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  1. You have just told my story! I love, love, love this! seriously, frame this and I will be your first buyer(I will purchase two)….one for my room and one for my office!(seriously).

    Radiant Afro American Woman :-).

  2. Love that you are loving yourself, Tamika. Kim, I’m actually compiling for an upcoming poetry book. Never thought of framing and selling them. Thanks for showing some love!

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