Back To The Lab

Back To The Lab

The new year is in full swing and before it gets too far, I think I’d better get some goals down on the internet. I don’t know if having an audience (even of one) can shame me enough into sticking to the list, but I’ll try anything.

1. Come out of the closet. Did I get your attention? I’m a christian and proud of it.

2. Glorify God through my work. More faith based novels, poetry and children’s picture books are on the way!

3. Study the craft. I have a ton of books about writing on kindle and one I checked out from the library.

4. Trust God. Sometimes fear of failure keeps me grounded. It’s time to step out on all fronts.

5. Play with the kids more. We had fun over Christmas break so we are starting family game night and more baking together. Yum!

6. Even more couple time. We have just discovered that we can meet for lunch while the kids are in school. Yeah!

7. Pray about everything and worry about nothing. Think I stole that from Yolanda Adams’ Morning Show,  but it’s so appropriate. Everytime I go to God he answers.

8. Eat less junk and more vegetables. I need to get my 5 to stay alive.

9. Walk more. It’s my thing. Just makes me feel good!

10. Read. Nothing like a good book. The Bible is definitely included in that list! Some blow your mind passages in there. Thanks God.

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