Prayer of Submission

Prayer of Submission

Lord, please help me hold my tongue today

So I don’t say what I ought not say

God help me keep from rolling my neck

When I have mind to disrespect


Who even looks at me wrong

Since they don’t know what’s going on

In my life

It’s not all strife

And I know better than to say

All is lost when things don’t go my way

For you said bless instead of curse

And I knew a time when stuff was worse

But not now

I have breath left yet to sing

Even without a diamond ring

Even without a pot to pee

I can still bend my knee

And bow my head

To you God

It’s not too hard

Yet I fail to follow your request

I’d do my best but come up short by using some excuses

What would I do if it were you who decided to throw up deuces?

Stop breathing

Stop existing

Stop my scheming and resisting

I’d embrace my destiny

…So here I am now

Lord send me.


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