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For the love of you

For the love of you
Whew! I just did make it in before the close of the month.  Things are getting bad now when it’s 2 weeks between blogs.  I’m not proud of this at all.  It pains me when I can’t write.  But I must be honest.  Of course I’ve been writing, just not blogging.  I actually just submitted a manuscript to a children’s magazine.  So we’ll see what happens.  It’s exciting.  I’m already brainstorming for the next article.  It’s so much fun and in the end I hope it proves lucrative as well.  This is my life long dream we’re talking about here people.  Now it’s time to work on my schedule —- AGAIN. 
I need to switch things around so I can write and exercise.  Both those things make me very happy.  Now if I can just make the two coexist peacefully.  To do that, my writing time is being switched to the morning and exercise to the night.  I am sharper in the morning and could probably write better then.  Plus my dreams are fresh for recording.  And let’s face it, I’m tired at night. I make myself stay up to get some work done.  If one of the kids gets up overnight or early, you guessed it, I’m so sorry!
There are sacrafices I’ll have to make for this switcharoo.  A late workout means my body won’t benefit as much as it would from working out earlier in the day.  Sadly, I don’t have the breasts to be a centerfold and even if I did pregnancy has ruined any chance of that happening.  So I’ll take exceptional quiet time to do what I love.  And, God willing, come out with exceptional work.  A strong heart and stamina will take me a long way even if extra fast slimming down is stretched to a just a pound or two per month.  I’d be satisfied.
Well, time to heat up the pot roast.  One of my favorite fall dishes!