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Innovative learning brings out the best in us all

Innovative learning brings out the best in us all
This is probably the most fun thing I’ve done in a long time.  In the spirit of teaching them and enjoying it, I was led to one of my most favorite subjects, Science. The children haven’t stop anticipating science class and even call me “teacher” or teacher mommy during our sessions.  Along with arts and crafts and reading, we do math and writing as well.  All of this can be pressure for the kids so I keep learning time to 30 or 45 minutes tops and science experiments no longer than an hour.  If I do become a school teacher (which I am considering as a backup to writing) it will be science or I probably will suck.  To see where I get my ideas and inspiration click the link below. I better get cracking on today’s class, I think it’ll be gravity.  The kids usually ask a question which guides me to the topic for the day.  Believe it or not refraction came from Lauren who wanted to know why her straw looked that way inside the cup. Here’s the link:
http://www.pbs.org/teachers/ (click on Standards based resources, the info is sorted by subject)

It is like this…

It is like this…

  Star Gazing


My celestial being:

Tis your shine that I adore.

You spin in perfect revolution;

To your depth, I owe the score.


Who could ponder in moons to come

Diamonds would capture my soul?


As they sparkle at me enchantedly,

I feel that I am whole.


More exotic the passion plays,

Decorous in your love song.

The melody orbits gracefully;

To you I belong.


Comets stream by with tails aglow.

Asteroids drift far away.

While we dance in iteration

Turning dark of night to day.


Just like rings be to Saturn,

Quite like Life be to Earth.

You are my Supernova!

To your children I am birth.


Deep in a galaxy so vast,

We never lose sight of the sun.

I bask inside your shadow;

Cast a silhouette of one.


Heaven rains meteors overhead:

A celebration of eternity.

As laughter breaks through black silence,

Traveling at warp speed.

We’ll coast for light years while we ride; 

Star-crossed lovers amidst the sky.

Destined to conquer all space together;


You and I.


P.Brooks©  1-9-1997/2-26-2008