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Mo Money

Last week I started an experiment to see if I could save more money by only using cash.  That, instead of charging everything and paying it off at the end of the month. True I collect points on my card and all…but I thought —what if I’m spending more money just to get the points? So I’ve been doing all my normal spending with a week’s worth of cash at a time. So far so good. I was able to stretch the money much farther than I imagined.

Now of course some places only take a credit card and  if I’m online, forgedaboutit!  It’s the only way I shop. In most stores I’m good with the dollars, but most cashiers struggle and curse me under their breath because they can’t count real money anymore. It’s okay. I’m patient.

Having real cash in my wallet is liberating! Nowadays I feel more responsible and richer.  In control of my destiny. Hmm. I do believe that was the whole point. Would you try using cash only for a tighter budget and potentially better savings? Hit me up.