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On A Natural High

On A Natural High

Today I reached an all time high of calories burned by expending 600 cals this morning on the elliptical.  It may sound like I went crazy but I didn’t.  I decided to extend past the 30 minutes I always do.  Because I want this bad.  I need to see a change. So I did a fat-burning workout instead of cardio and it felt really good. It only took 45 minutes.  The total workout was an hour including the warm up and stretches.

My plan is to do 6 days of exercise broken down like this.  Two days of cardio, two of weight training and 2 of fat burning workouts.  I will work out for 1 hour a day including my warm up and stretches.  If I can at least burn 300 cals per day, and eat like normal or better, I should drop about 12 pounds by December.  Of course I wish it would be more and sooner, but I’m going to move steadily so I can get this right.

I counted calories in my diary today and yesterday.  And get this, by eating fruit at the right time today, I didn’t end up pigging out on sweet treats.  I’m very proud of myself and looking forward to tomorrow’s workout. It’ll be weight training.  Probably can’t get a full hour due to a physical therapy appointment for my arm.  But I can at least do Gilad or part of Cathe.  I recorded them on DVD last fall so I can play them for free when I feel like it.  I like to have variety when I workout.

I can’t wait till I can fit in some after dinner walks.  Maybe in a few weeks.  And speaking of dinner.  I cut out the sweet tea, koolaid and fruit water since I added them a few months ago.  It was by accident that I started these bad drinking habits. I am good with just plain old water.  Never had any issues there so, I’ll save all of the above sweetened drinks for my weekend or occasional splurges.  I don’t need the extra sugar cals turning to fat on my butt and thighs.  I have totally trimmed my breakfast, lunch and snack calories.  Those meals still pack a punch but not some much empty or fatty foods makes a difference to the bod.  I added more whole grains, fruits, veggies and nuts.  I’m pumped!  Bring on the new, healthier P.