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Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned

It’s 9:30pm so I’m already late for bed. But I can’t put it off any longer. So I’m sitting here. Writing. I’m writing because despite my schedule designed to give me more time to write, I’ve found less. I’ve been running errons for birthday parties, down with a cold, at the dentist, in Walmart, working on Polly&Meek business, in Sam’s, volunteering at the school, in Wegman’s, taking sick kids to the doctor, counseling friends and everything under the sun. So now I’m tired. This isn’t what it was supposed to be and it’s my fault.

The way these six hours of the week wiz by is a crying shame. There’s no way to pack in all that I want. I have to see my time as sacred and I haven’t respected it— at all. So here are the changes I’m making in order to get what I want — a two hour block to concentrate on my craft.

Volunteering in Lainey’s class is the first to go. As awful as it sounds, the teachers need help in class, but Lainey doesn’t.  I think she’ll still be fine if I show up every 4 weeks.  That visit will coincide with my 2 toddlers’ preschool parties which are scheduled once a month.  This way I can multitask by getting Lainey as soon as school let’s out and thus making it to the parties on time.  I’ll tell her teachers straight away.

Next is the running errons.  It’s absolutely out unless they’re seriously business related, like last week when I had to pick up tables and supplies for selling books at SterlingFest. Then there was the week before when I needed to go inside the bank to get change for Capital Bookfest.  Otherwise I can shop after the kids go down. See I can say that now since lights are out on average around 7pm.  Loving it!

However, I’ll be needing to keep my doctor’s appointments. Come on, can you see me at they GYN or dentist with my three?  No, cause I love life and I love them. Being together at these types of appointments would cause one of us to get hurt.  So, basically all that’s left is other Polly&Meek business— not including conference calls because as we all know it’s impossible to talk on the phone when you have children of talking age.  They suddenly need all of your attention or they start getting into everything so as to take advantage of you while you chat.  It’s wrong how they do us, mothers. Yup, a conference call without background chaos is still in order.  I can probably save other Polly&Meek biz til the end of the day.  I need to write in the am, but I can handle marketing at any hour. 

I’m saying all of this because, I don’t want anyone to think that all you have to do is lay out the plan or have the time laid out for you and things just magically start falling into place.  They don’t.  You have to regroup sometimes and be diligent.  Be resilient and persistent.  Forgive yourself for mistakes made and move own.  Then try hard to do better the next day. 

There will always be life lessons.  Stay hopeful to catch on the first time around.