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Taking it how it comes…

Taking it how it comes…


I don’t know what it feels like to fly. I can only imagine.

I don’t know why these thoughts spark at times random.

To truly be free? Right here on earth?

Then I’ll testify that when fear is cast aside and self removed from worry,

that on my own strength I won’t make it.

That when I acknowledge The Maker. And place my dreams in the hand of He who can take them.

I mean, take me higher.

Than I could ever conceive. Then I don’t dream.


And know– that I know– that I know through God’s power.

Truth inspite of doubt.

Assurance of success at that which makes Him proud.

At that which shines His light

In the world.

Dissipates darkness and communes with spirit.

Better than flight.

This unnatural joy when I




Prayer of Submission

Prayer of Submission

Lord, please help me hold my tongue today

So I don’t say what I ought not say

God help me keep from rolling my neck

When I have mind to disrespect


Who even looks at me wrong

Since they don’t know what’s going on

In my life

It’s not all strife

And I know better than to say

All is lost when things don’t go my way

For you said bless instead of curse

And I knew a time when stuff was worse

But not now

I have breath left yet to sing

Even without a diamond ring

Even without a pot to pee

I can still bend my knee

And bow my head

To you God

It’s not too hard

Yet I fail to follow your request

I’d do my best but come up short by using some excuses

What would I do if it were you who decided to throw up deuces?

Stop breathing

Stop existing

Stop my scheming and resisting

I’d embrace my destiny

…So here I am now

Lord send me.


Maybe Baby

Maybe Baby

I am wondering if I’ll be a good poet if I’m transparent. The reason I ask is because I just want to say whatever I want to say. Must I be highly mysterious for your entertainment? What I’m really after is your reaction. I wanna know if you feel it like I do or if you don’t understand what I’m describing then I want to do it in a way that you can grasp it. I want to let you in on things. I want to let you know that the range of human emotion is deep and wide. Reaching depths and ranges that astonish and excite me. And maybe you too, if you know. Putting down these feelings is serious business. I rebuke what they say! I don’t have to hold it in and be unaffected. I can express it, and be unphased. I can be naked–plank on a page.

It is like this…

It is like this…

  Star Gazing


My celestial being:

Tis your shine that I adore.

You spin in perfect revolution;

To your depth, I owe the score.


Who could ponder in moons to come

Diamonds would capture my soul?


As they sparkle at me enchantedly,

I feel that I am whole.


More exotic the passion plays,

Decorous in your love song.

The melody orbits gracefully;

To you I belong.


Comets stream by with tails aglow.

Asteroids drift far away.

While we dance in iteration

Turning dark of night to day.


Just like rings be to Saturn,

Quite like Life be to Earth.

You are my Supernova!

To your children I am birth.


Deep in a galaxy so vast,

We never lose sight of the sun.

I bask inside your shadow;

Cast a silhouette of one.


Heaven rains meteors overhead:

A celebration of eternity.

As laughter breaks through black silence,

Traveling at warp speed.

We’ll coast for light years while we ride; 

Star-crossed lovers amidst the sky.

Destined to conquer all space together;


You and I.


P.Brooks©  1-9-1997/2-26-2008