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My New Passion

My New Passion

Ummm.  Just the thought of diving into this delicious romance novel I picked up from the library has me on the edge of my seat.  I’m typing fast and hoping I can spend a few minutes finishing up the current chapter before hitting the sack.  It’s certainly not what I’d call a trashy novel and it doesn’t boast a cover shot with a half naked women in the cluthes of a muscular stud like my mother used to read—  not that I’m saying I wouldn’t read those too. What I do know is that this is written art

I am literally wondering what Hunter and Loretta, an indian and white woman in Catherine Anderson’s Comanche Moon, are doing while I’m blogging, or picking up kids or running errons.  I even read while the children were at the playground today.  It was fenced in and small so I didn’t worry too much. Hey, I’m about as addicted as it gets right now.  I love it!  A new passion that will actually help with writing. Now I know how my mother felt when she’d always have her nose in a book.  I have admitted to being a romantic at heart, but I never read any love stories.  I don’t know why I totured myself with the wait.  The best part of all is that I came across the book because it is the prequel to Comanche Heart.  I wanted to read the latter because it was on the library’s summer reading list for adults.  I placed the book on hold and it took months for me to get my turn.  When my two weeks were up I tried to renew it because I was only on chapter 4 and really enjoying it.  But just as I figured. Someone else had the book on hold so I had to give it up.  I returned to the library immediately so they could have their turn.  Guess I learned my lesson about waiting to long before getting started on a good read.

 I really didn’t want to read Comanche Heart as much when I found out Comanche Moon came first, so while trying to console myself over losing Comanche Heart I searched for it’s prequel and found there was no waiting queue for it.  I guess everyone had read it and was done.  I put it on hold and then waltzed right over to the library to pick it up.  A broad smile crept across my face as I dropped it in my shoulder bag and exited the building.

At this point you may think I’m crazy but my cousin and I bonded over our love for books this weekend and she is even more gunho than I.  Plus I think her book is longer.  She’s reading  Eclipse, book number 3 in the Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer. When we’re both done, maybe we’ll play switcheroo.  So exciting!