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100_0997_2I’m not going to kid myself since I already know the truth. Most people don’t keep resolutions. Only, that has nothing to do with my ability to list mine here for whosoever wishes to check them. You can ask questions about them and hold me accountable as well.  It’s fine. I absolutely revel in each moment I have to consciously reevaluate my life.  Be it birthdays or new years, or any old time.  I do it when I’m in crisis too.  So with me constantly checking myself I should be better off, right? Well just like you, I’m striving.  Sometimes I can be a mess.  Just a jumble of emotional plans and promises to self that I don’t even know how to keep.  And everytime I say this is it!  This time I’m really doing X.  Then Y comes along and I use it for an excuse to get sidetracked.  But you know what? I don’t even care.  I’m human.  I’m not going to let myself off the hook for goals I let slide, but being too tough and unforgiving of myself is gone with 2009. So now that I’ve said my speech, here are my official resolutions for the year 2010:

1. Work daily on April Flowers. If not that, then I have a list of other stories or poetry to choose from. I would like to produce a draft of the book by December.

2.Always keep something in the mail. That means I will have submitted an article or query to some magazine and am awaiting their yea or nay on my work.

3. Cut down on internet time.  Other than blogging and checking email, I could do less goofing off on the computer.

4. Be active daily. Whether it’s a work out video or just a walk outside, I will find a way to move my body!

5. Plan meals ahead and cook with fresher ingredients. This helps control the grocery bill too.

6. Eat more organic foods. Although more expensive, I can cut some fatty snacks in exchange.

7. Take a bath a least once per week. A good soak is always in order.

8. Go on more dates with my honey. The two of us are having so much fun. It works wonders for our marriage.

9. Take more writing classes and hopefully, finally get a web design class.

10. Find more fun projects and outings for the kids.

11. Continue to declutter the house.  Already, there’s more space in the house from our December cleanup. I’m loving it.

12. Spend less.

13. Recognize, uplift, and glorify God everyday; for he is worthy.

Are You Happy?

Are You Happy?
Picturesque Sun

Every now and again I like to take inventory of my life and think about what it takes to be happy or at least improve my current status.  It’s not that I’m ungrateful for God’s  many blessings.  It’s just me trying to enjoy life to the fullest.  Sometimes I can tell that I’m not centered but I don’t exactly know the reason.  So I start running down the gamet.  As topics occur, I try hard to reach a decision that will make me feel less stressed or make the task, whatever it is, a little bit easier.

I did that analysis a few weeks ago when I realized that I needed to work more  in the mornings and less at night.  Keeping the new schedule is challenging to say the least, but I fought hard to get back to it since I am enjoying more restful sleep and I seem to get more work done before the kids wake up.  On top of that, starting the morning out in solitude has many benefits that I don’t think I can live without.  In a word– I’m spoiled. Just by making one adjustment many areas were affected.  Definitely a good move.

While evaluating life, of  course I eventually question whether staying at home with the children is working or should I switch up and do something else that will make me happier. For example is teaching and nurturing them, while running a business and being a  good wife worth all the blood, sweat and tears?  Would it be better to give up on my writing dream and go earn a fat paycheck, while putting the kids in daycare and afterschool care?   Could I complete the house chores, and still have  energy left for my marriage?  I allow myself to think about it all and I chart it out and write on paper so that I can see advantages and disadvantages plainly.  I am serious when I’m doing this.  Eventually, I arrive at an answer that I can live with or I set myself on a timetable that will get me where I want to be.  Like for now, I have to remember that Eric is still in grad school.  Not to mention I actually like dealing with my children and teaching them new things.  I’m going to be patient at this time in my life; besides my novel still has to be written.  Selling out family and self  will not make me happier.  So I can check that item off the list.

The biggest area for me to evaluate is usually my health.  I determined that being overweight and sedentary isn’t going to cut it.  I am not happy about where I am.  So in addition to changing my work schedule I plugged exercise in as my first task.  That assures me that it gets done on time and that nothing arises later to throw me off.  I got on the scale this morning and even though this is the start of week 3, I don’t see any progress.  I can only hope I’m trimming some fat somewhere, so I’ll keep working on it and then I’ll take measurements.  I’m going back to my food and exercise diary because it really worked. But even though the scale hasn’t moved I already feel better thanks to more energy from working out.  I am very proud of my daily efforts to be healthier and I know I’ll reach my goal.

Overall, there are still some changes needed.  But… I am happy.  I’m doing more of what I want and thanking God for allowing me to do it.  What about you?  Are you content or would you like to make some  life changes?