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Splendid Gray

Splendid Gray

Flabby belly and spread out hips

Juicy bottom with dimpled cheeks

So this is me—


No faking?

No hiding?


All grown up in womanly glory

Scars and lines that tell a story

Mirror image not quite right

Nothing here looks too tight

And there were times I’d not believe

The aging body that I see

Belongs to me

To me…


No longer repulsed

I stop and…

Look at the Splendid Gray

Growing older everyday

And wiser (at times)

And happier (with life)

More beautiful and blessed



©P.Brooks 2010

Textual Womanhood

Textual Womanhood

The kids caught on to my MIA status after a few minutes and began to search upstairs for me.  Of course I was here.  Just one of the reasons I love this house.  I can hear them easily on the next level even if I choose to unplug the monitor.  So there I was  behind closed doors striking interesting poses.  Once or twice, I posed right along side a basket of clean laundry.  There’s no shame in my game.  If hot teenagers can send sexy cellphone pics, so can I.  Ever do anything wild like that?  We used to leave “notes” in each other’s work bags, long ago. Boy was that fun. I do crazy stuff on a regular basis.  All for the sake of marriage.

I guess I’m still feeling the effects of last Saturday’s date night.  Xmen was great, but most of all I just enjoyed his company.  Our date was interesting because we lost our house keys during the thunderstorm that broke after dinner.   Eric had run off in the pouring rain to get the car so I’d be dry.  I had to accept his chilvary because I didn’t want to be a popsicle in the cinema.  (I find it so sweet when he pours on that southern charm). So we didn’t know the keys were gone until we were about to watch Wolverine rip some stuff apart.  That discovery made us exchange our tickets for a later show and then go on a hunt for the keys.  It didn’t take long to find them and soon we were back at the theater patiently waiting for our show to start.  When it finally got started, it was Hanna Montana, not Xmen.  The whole cinema was in uproar.  In retrospect this is very funny.  But during the show, about 20 of the movie patrons (including us) stormed out looking for the first attendant we could find to string up.  I mean they literally had the kid surrounded!  The young manager fixed the problem quickly, after cracking a few jokes, of course.  At the end of the show we both agreed, the movie was awesome.

The Sunday afternoon following our date, I went out for nearly six hours — alone.  He took care of the kids without complaint.  Anytime he watches the kids like that, I go straight into your-wish-is-my-command mode.  And I’ll do anything for him. Just can’t help myself!  That little taste of freedom reminds me that I’m not just a hardworking mother.  Sort of like I feel on date night.  I get to dress up, put on makeup and pretend we’re 19 again.  I love it. Not much trumps being a mother.  But being a woman can feel so very, very good.  How do you express your womanhood?

Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry

This is what I almost sent to the group:

Yes, as Vicki said, I am standing by to help anyone in need of assistance with their yahoo group email.  It is unfortunate that our support group account has turned into a war of words.  I’m subject to go into yahoo right now, change all passwords and turn the whole thing off.  But that would clearly be an abuse of power.  And since I do love being a part of the group, I didn’t mean it, yall. I swear.

We could probably learn to skip emails we don’t want to read (one of your friends will fill you in if you miss something).  We are savvy enough to reply only to the person intended (so as to reduce email traffic).  And we are courteous enough to keep mean comments, really long emails (except this one) and negativity out of our group.  If anybody proves me wrong, don’t be surprised if your account mysteriously stops working one day.  Oh, gosh darn it, there I go again!  But don’t hit delete yet…

Vicki and Liz are doing a wonderful job this year!  We are having a great time, bringing in new members and I’m looking forward to our next outing.  All moms are welcome to participate in group activities— whether working outside the home, not working at all, part-timing, or working from home.

It’d be awesome if we all came together for a little fun at Mom’s night out.  (And no, we are not going to turn the skating rink into Roller Derby or anything like that!  Although I would clearly be a member of the “Secretaries of Hate.”  (I read it in the paper that they are a real roller derby crew in the DC area).  BTW–  Are you are golfer or a skater?  I may need to know ahead of time.  Responses are welcome, but only reply to me okay?

Peace and love,


Secretary (at least ’til morning)

Disclaimer:  If this was offensive to anyone, I will apologize just like they do on TV, only I’ll be sincere.